Time for impact!

Improve the attractiveness and image of the accountancy profession and to get young people to consciously (continue to) choose to study accountancy.


Boring, little diversity, little personal contact, Excel and numbers only... How do you get young people to consciously (continue to) choose to study accountancy when these are the main that pop up in their head when they think about the profession?

The last couple of years more than 10.000 youngsters stepped into the shoes of accountants themselves to find out what the profession is all about. Together with the Royal Netherlands Institute of Chartered Accountants we organize the NBA Impact Challenge and Auditing the Future. During this labour market campaign we connect youngsters with our enthusiastic and diverse network of NBA-ambassadors. To deploy online and offline materials to really inform, enthuse and activate young people from secondary education to scientific education.

For them to answer the question; Accountancy, something for you?


Quality education

Decent work and economic growth

Industry, innovation and infrastructure

Partnerships for the goals


Nederlandse Beroepsorganisatie van Accountants