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Above and beyond

We provide full-on marketing campaigns. For us this means being involved at all times, from beginning to end, through the following five services:

1. Analysis

We first, before starting any creative process, get our Sherlock outfit ready and hit the streets to find the target audience. In our view, collecting human insights is essential to the success of any marketing campaign.

From conducting interviews at universities to data and behavioural analysis behind our desks, we don’t mind getting our hands dirty. During these processes youngsters are always given a platform to share their thoughts, as truly novel ideas come from a deeper human understanding.

2. Concept development

We believe in the power of collective creativity when it comes to developing innovative concepts.

By including stakeholders in our creative brainstorm sessions, we get inspired by different perspectives, go beyond conventional ideas and bridge the gap between corporates and youngsters. In short: We love to co-create!

3. Design

Regarding the field of design, we prefer to work with young creative individuals. With a concept in mind, we select a suitable talent from our freelancing pool, guide them through the creative process and integrate several feedback moments for our clients.

Our versatile network of freelancers allows us to take on any design challenge: print, digital, video, virtual and augmented reality, photography and gadgets.

4. Promotion

It’s in the name: stepping on a Soapbox and loudly promoting our concepts comes natural to us. In our opinion, a successful marketing campaign starts with an offline experience. Creating the trigger that sparks the customer journey.

On our Soapbox we promote products, advertise events and educate competences, all to inspire youth on their road to success.

5. Event management

We don’t stop at promotion. With several on-going concepts behind our name, it is safe to say that we can pull off any event and manage these into a success.

During our events we always aspire to put both youngsters and partner organisations in the spotlight. Our portfolio contains recruitment, corporate and recreational events.